Makeup Remover Pad - Skóra Skincare
Makeup Remover Pad - Skóra Skincare
Makeup Remover Pad - Skóra Skincare

Makeup Remover Pad

A non-toxic, reusable makeup remover pad
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This non-toxic, reusable makeup remover pad (MRP) is a fantastic addition to any skincare routine and can be used in multiple ways. The best part is this beauty pays for itself! Let's see, would you opt for up to 500 single use facial wipes or one single reusable product that gets you the same, if not better results? Not to mention how much better the MRP is for the environment... No brainer, right?

This double sided, super soft pad is ideal for use when cleansing the face, removing the days makeup & impurities quickly and easily. No need for scrubbing or rubbing. Simply wet the MRP and wipe away. It's so gentle, its perfect for sensitive skin too. Sooooo luxurious.

We all know how easy the Skóra pink clay mask comes off with a simple wipe (if you don't know, you're missing out), we've now made it even easier. Use this MRP with some warm water to wipe (not scrub) your mask off in seconds. Gone are the days of wiping hard brittle masks that refuse to leave the skin, leaving you feeling irritated.

So grab your favourite cleanser, combine with the exfoliating scrub and wipe away all your worries & concerns with absolute ease.

All of our accessories are sourced ethically and responsibly.


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