Our Values

We only sell skincare we actually believe in. Every ingredient is efficacious, nothing unnecessary.

It's important for us to do what we can to preserve the environment in which we live and work.

The benefits of using Skóra aren't confined to your skin - you'll be glad to know we're kind to the earth, in everything we do

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Sourced From and Made in Australia.

Australian Made Icon skincare

All Skóra products are proudly hand-made in small batches, right here in Australia.
Australia is home to seemingly endless native fruits and plants, renowned for their medicinal qualities.

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Tested on People, Not Animals

No animal testing, cruelty free skincare

Our passion for preserving the environment extends to protecting wildlife; Skóra products are tested on real people, not animals.

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100% Vegan

completely vegan skincare

There is also no valid use for animal bi-products in skincare. All Skóra products are 100% vegan.

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Nothing Synthetic or Artificial

Nothing synthetic or artificial skincare products

Formulated with only natural and nourishing ingredients. Our entire range excludes all nasties, including parabens or SLS.

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Ethical and Sustainable

Ethical and Sustainable skincare brand

It's important your products aren't exposed to environmental factors during shipping so the active ingredients maintain their potency and have the full, desired effect on your skin. Our packaging and all associated components are 100% recyclable and should be disposed of accordingly.