About Us

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Skóra is owned and operated locally by married couple, Phil and Tenille and is run out of beautiful South Australia. There are many benefits when you shop with Skóra that go far beyond your skin. You’ll be pleased to know your supporting local, small business and shopping with a brand that has exceptional values which align with our customers. Our core focus is operating with the utmost integrity and being a reputable brand that our customers can trust! 

Our mission is to boost and maintain your self confidence by helping you achieve the glowing skin you deserve. To us, the skincare game is so much more than just the skins appearance. We believe it plays a huge role in our overall mood and self confidence. Too often are we ashamed of our skins appearance and it hinders our overall mood and can even prevent us from living a normal life. We are committed to helping our customers achieve healthy, vibrant skin and will go above and beyond to ensure this outcome is reached. Each product we supply is produced with this in mind. Essentially, we aim to help you achieve a higher state of happiness by naturally rectifying any skin concerns you have or just take your skins appearance to the next level and have it shining bright as the sun. This is where our true passion lies.

To add to all of this we also hold exceptional values such as being Australian made, all natural and organic, completely vegan, cruelty free, ethical and sustainable. You have our word that these values will never be comprised.


 Phil & Tenille have a strong focus on health and well-being. Tenille is a qualified Make-up Artist and a people person who has been passionate about the beauty industry her whole life. She loves to take care of her skin and believes doing so plays a huge role in her confidence within herself as a person. She gets joy in helping others achieve the same results and seeing them shine inside and out. Phil is a very down to earth, classic go getter type with a focus on positivity and mindfulness. He believes everyone deserves to achieve and feel their best both mentally and physically. Combine these personalties together and you have the birth of Skóra.

The name Skóra directly translates to skin, which is what we are passionate about. Our goal is to provide the world with premium, sustainable skincare products that nourish the skin and leave you feeling revitalised inside and out. In alignment with our values we made it our goal to provide the consumer with all natural, Australian made, vegan and cruelty free products that are derived from predominantly organic ingredients. So not only are you doing the right thing by your skin in using our heavily researched and tested products that provide exceptional results, you are also doing the right thing by our environment and animal welfare.

Skóra is an all-natural based skincare range with absolutely no nasties included such as sulphates and parabens. Even the beautiful scents of our products come straight from the natural fruity ingredients with no added synthetic fragrances. We believe in a sustainable future and are always conscious and aware of the environmental footprint we leave behind. We believe the customer deserves to be treated with respect and honesty which is why we pride ourselves on superior customer service that provides a personal aspect to each individual interaction.


Bottom line: We care about providing you the best possible skincare products with exceptional value because we believe everyone deserves to feel beautiful in their own skin. Beautifully you.