Stay Forever Young with this 4-step Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Needing a little oomph in your skincare routine? Wanting your skin to feel soft and supple, and a bit more “wrinkle free?” Look no further than this anti-ageing bundle.

Firstly, you will need our Indigene Milk Cleanser to eliminate daily pollutants and bacteria from your skin, twice, making way for the next step.
Once your skin is squeaky clean after a double cleanse, we will then follow with our Anti-Ageing Elixir. This Elixir is an oil-based serum containing a powerful blend of nutrient rich oils that have wonderful anti-aging properties. This Elixir repairs, nourishes and offers deep tissue rejuvenation. Perfect for prepping the skin for your moisturiser.
After 2-3 minutes of allowing the Elixir to settle into the skin, you will need to dab our Awaken Intensive Eye Cream onto your eye area, using sparingly as this product goes a long way. Dabbing gently into the under-eye area and around the side, you want to press the product into your skin, not rub viciously on that delicate area.
Again, after another 2-3 mins of the product sitting, you will then need to apply our Amino Peptide Cream to your face, avoiding the eye area of course. This Cream contains hydrolysed rice protein which is a peptide that stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts.
Protein is the foundation of our skin and responsible for the feel, elasticity and strength. If we don’t have peptides our skin will not feel as firm, resulting in wrinkles.
Not only does this Cream pump up the volume (in your skin), it also includes the gorgeous Hyaluronic Acid, giving your skin that extra hydration boost. The Amino Peptide Cream is an insane moisturiser for your skin.

If you are feeling a little bleh, then get around this epic anti-aging bundle.

Enjoy x


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