The importance of incorporating a serum into your daily skincare regime

Welcome to our very first blog post Skóra family. Thank you for visiting and coming to see what we are all about. I thought I would take some time to talk about the importance of serums in our daily skincare regime.

So, obviously, not everyone uses or even knows much about using a serum, which is why I am here to assist in any way I can.

Due to everybody’s skin having a natural sebum coating (naturally moisturised), a serum contains active ingredients that will seep even deeper into the skin than any moisturiser or cream will ever go. This also assists with any excess sebum on the face which helps keep you nourished and fresh looking.

Serums contain more antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins that work to repair the structure of skin cells, increasing skin radiance, smoothness and suppleness.

When I first got into makeup, I just assumed that we slapped a primer on, foundation, then our powder, blush, eye makeup, brows and so on. Boy was I wrong!!! It is ALL about the base (skincare), and if you have a s**t (pardon my French) base, the rest of your makeup will look s**t too.

You firstly must understand the clients skin type, by asking them “tell me about your skin”, instead of just asking, “what’s your skin type?”.  We all have different skin, such as oily, combination, dry or dehydrated, sensitive, pigmentation, uneven and problematic; Knowing a specific skin type will assist in selecting the right type of serum for that individual.

As a makeup artist I am extremely passionate about making sure I am using the correct products for my skin type and using the right number of products too. Another thing learnt along my makeup career, is that you don’t have to use a “primer” then chuck on your foundation. You just need to use the right products for your skin type, such as a good serum (dry or dehydrated/oily) or oil free primer (for my combo or oily peeps), and a nourishing moisturiser.

When getting ready, having a vino, slapping on my face for a Saturday night (rare these days), I will always use my Indigene Facial Mist as my very first product (on cleansed skin of course). The reason for using our hydrating facial mists, is that it assists in calming the skin (from the Kakadu Plum), which also soothes the skin of any sensitivity or irritation. Once used all over the face to feel dewy and nourished, we then move on to our specific serum.

 As I have slightly dehydrated and pigmented skin, I am currently using our Brighten & Revive Serum. This serum is perfect for my skin type! Firstly, apple is a massive beneficial ingredient in any product due to it helping in collagen production which makes the skin look youthful and firm. It also softens, hydrates and protects the skin.

This isn’t just for dry or dehydrated skin types though…NO, NO, NO! People with oily or combination skin still benefit from using a serum daily too. Oilier skin types still have underlying layers of skin which can still be very dry; it isn’t just what’s on the surface. Any type of serum that includes Vitamin C or Hyaluronic Acid is fabulous for oilier skin types. Vitamin C works as an antioxidant property which helps with fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and the sad ol’ ageing effect. Hyaluronic Acid is magic on oily skin as it provides a gentle moisturising action and won’t irritate your skin or the natural sebum coating. It is also extremely lightweight and wont clog your pores, which can in turn, lead to breakouts. Hyaluronic Acid also does not contain any ingredient that will add more oil to your skin. BONUS!
For my oily or combo gals and guys out there, I would go for our Skóra Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Collagen Serum or our Multi-Vitamin Serum. These will be like a drink of water for your skin under that natural sebum coating, which will also help control any extra oil on the skin.

Once we have a pump or two of our serum which has seeped nicely into our skin and completely absorbed, the next step is moisturiser. So, I know right now, if you are new to the whole skincare regime, it feels like you’re using a few products by now, but please trust me when I say, “Your skin will love you for this!” There are also some beautiful women in our lives, such as our mums (my mum), who will use a body lotion as a face moisturiser…SHOOK!!! This to me is all about education, but not everyone wants to know, and some people don’t mind what they use…and that’s totally cool too!

For now, let’s get back to our moisturiser selection for our skin type, (got a little side-tracked there). So, for myself as you guys know by now, I am more on the dehydrated side. I am currently using our Skóra Indigene Moisturiser which is great for my skin type. My moisturiser does include Desert Lime, Green Tea and Hyaluronic Acid, which is great for dry or dehydrated skin which provides a high level of moisture retention, leaving the skin dewy and nourished.

Once I’ve used the Indigene Facial Mist (on clean skin), Brighten & Revive Serum, then the Indigene Moisturiser, my face has now been beautifully prepped and primed ready for my foundation and rest of my makeup.

Once I have completed my epic makeup for the night, I will then grab my Indigene Facial Mist to lightly spray all over my face for a glowy and dewy finish. I froth for a beautiful dewy makeup whenever I see it; it makes my heart sing 😊

This blog post of course, is coming from my knowledge on our specific ingredients used for Skóra, and I am in no way a beautician or beauty therapist. I am merely a makeup artist who has a passion for skincare, has learnt a lot along my makeup career and understand the significance of using beautiful active ingredients for specific skin types. I write these blogs as I love to help & share my knowledge with you all, so get excited!

Now you have the info, head over to our serums page here and get the product you desire :)

Beautifully you,

Tenille xxx

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