Best Eye Cream for Women over 30

We here at Skóra have noticed a bit of a trend with our customers over 30 asking about what they can do for those dark circles and puffiness around our eyes. It’s not something that generally bothers the younger crowd, which tell us that its seen as the effects of ageing skin. When I say ageing skin; it’s not like you hit 30 and your skin instantly turns. It has a lot to do with your skincare routine in earlier years and the environment plays a big factor too, such as sun exposure. So, I think it’s important to note that the best cure for the skin around the eye area, is beginning a good routine well before the effects of ageing occur. It’s far easier to maintain good healthy skin than it is to reverse the effects of exposure to the environment.

One of my personal biggest pet peeves, is the keyboard warriors who hit us up and say that using an eye cream has never helped them and try put the blame on us for the lack of self-care. Again here, the best thing I can tell anyone is to start using an eye cream now. Don’t wait until the dark circles settle in because it only gets harder from there. Secondly, complaining and blaming a skincare company who is doing everything they can to help educate and provide the best possible products won’t get you any better results either.

Now let’s get back on track here and focus on Skóra’s eye cream and why it’ll be the best bet for women over 30. We have formulated our eye cream to focus on the effects of ageing as this is the major contributing factor to the need for an eye cream. We include these following key ingredients.

Seabuckthorn: which help with skin hydration, elasticity & cell regeneration (healing).

Cucumber: which reduces puffiness and redness (yep, there is truth and reason behind the age-old cucumber on the eyes trick - but not the laying in the sun on a deck chair part haha)

Resveratrol: this protects the skins surface. This is included to reject the effects of general ageing, hence why we encourage using this eye cream now as opposed to waiting until you are already seeing the effects. Imagine stretching before the gym to prevent an injury, it makes sense as opposed to waiting for an injury to occur and dealing with it then.

Native Lemon Aspen: to help strengthen the capillary walls and reduce the appearance of dark circles. Here I must stress that this takes time… so don’t expect results after the first use. Going back to the example above, it’s going to take longer to heal that injury as opposed to maintaining a healthy regime to avoid the injury.

So, if you’re your over 30, or any age and are considering looking after that delicate skin around your eyes… look no further as we have you covered.

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