Best Cleanser to Treat and Prevent "Maskne"

Have you heard of the term “maskne?” I feel like since the ol “C” (obviously COVID), it has definitely made the rounds. Me personally, I had never heard of the term, until now!

Maskne, or mask acne, is when your skin reacts causing breakouts from wearing a face mask. A lot of the symptoms include irritation, redness, chaffing, along with small bumps, looking like pimples.
Whilst having a good skincare routine is important during everyday life, it is even more vital when we are having to wear face masks so frequently these days due to the effects of the pandemic. Regular cleaning of the skin, moisturising and exfoliating the skin will help prevent maskne.

All Skora cleansers are a great addition to your skincare routine for everyday life, especially whilst having to wear a mask, as all cleansers are gentle and perfect for those with delicate/sensitive skin.
However, I would strongly recommend our Iso Cleanser, simply because it helps reduce excessively oily skin, cleanses the skin surface, provides a subtle, soft exfoliant alternative and brightens & softens appearance of the skin.
The Iso Cleanser contains Juniper Berry and Lime Essential Oils that act as a natural antibacterial agent, meaning this cleanser fights against all the nasty surface bacteria (sweat, oil) which results in fewer blemishes…or should I say, “Maskne”.

We recommend wearing a face mask that is snug, but not too tight and is made of natural, soft fabric. Be sure to throw away disposable masks, as these are a breeding hub for gross bacteria and germs, so be sure to have multiple on hand with you.

Ready for that squeaky-clean skin again?


Tenille xx

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