Skincare Regime Guide

Skóra's 'how to' skincare guide

It can be a daunting task embarking on a new skincare regime.

Luckily for you, we're here to help and make the process as easy as possible.

Let the following serve as your go to application guide.

Facial Face cleanse skincare routine process regime First step is cleansing your face to remove excess oil, makeup, sweat, dirt and dead skin cells from your skin. It gives your skin and complexion a chance to breathe whilst also creates a clean foundation for you to apply products like serums and moisturisers.
Pink clay mask skincare routine process regime Once you have cleansed, we recommend applying a mask to help even out your skin tone. Our Pink Clay Mask is infused Chamomile healing herbs, Aloe Vera and Calendula. These herbs are soothing, calming and stimulate a feeling of deep relaxation and peace. Our Pink Clay Mask also leaves skin silky soft and smooth, can help minimise blackheads and promotes a bright and balanced complexion.
Facial Face toning mist skincare routine process regime

Next step is to apply your facial mist. Toning mists are fantastic for keeping hydration in the skin. They assist with absorbing multiple products you are using after ‘misting’. Our Face Toning Mist’s naturally remove dead skin cells, resulting in less breakouts and fresher, softer skin. Perfect for use post cleansing of your skin, or lightly misting over makeup for a healthy, dewy finish.

Serum & Elixir skincare routine process regime Once you have used your mist on your freshly clean face, add a pump of your serum and massage into your face & neck in an upward motion. Serums are the most incredible products made in our eyes. They penetrate deep into the skin's layers and are designed to deliver high concentrations of specific ingredients to the skin. Using a serum daily will help lock moisture into the skin, keeping you looking fresher & more youthful. 
Facial Face moisturiser cream moisturizer skincare routine process regime Lastly, after waiting 2-3 minutes for your serum to soak into your lower layers of your skin, now is the time to moisturise. Using a moisturiser or cream daily, assists with locking all of that nourishment into the skin once you have applied your serum. Moisturising is especially complimentary to any anti-ageing skincare regime, preventing the skin from drying out. You can also finish off with a spritz of your favourite Skóra Face Toning Mist.